CERTIFIED: Aftershock

Written on Apr 26, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Certified follows a group of aspiring CPAs while they prepare for and take the various sections of the CPA exam. We started following our candidates in May 2016, and this is part four of Donald Jungquist’s story. Read more here.

Don JungquistWalking out of the testing center after taking his first section of the CPA exam, Donald Jungquist didn’t expect to feel the way he did.

“When I left I just felt terrible,” he said. “I was just thinking about all the questions I didn’t expect to be on there.”

After a couple days passed and he talked to others about his initial reaction from the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) section, he started to feel better. Coworkers who passed the exam said feeling this way afterward was normal, especially when it was their first time taking the exam.

“There were so many questions that I just didn’t see a great answer, so you have to pick what the best answer is,” Jungquist said. “There are different arguments you can make for one answer versus another answer so you have to anticipate what they’re looking for.”

Jungquist said his wife has remained supportive, which has been a big help when he’s feeling stressed out from the study process. He hopes that, should he pass BEC, it will be an energy and confidence booster for the next section, Regulation (REG).

He’s planning to take REG in mid-October, and now that the first section is done, has more of a sense of what to expect.

“It just feels great to have been through that process now,” Jungquist said. “And I know the next test is going to be different but there’s something to be said for knowing what to expect. So there’s actually quite a bit of value in that, and I just feel better about the whole thing.”

Until then, he’ll anxiously await his score.

”I thought I was going to feel more confident afterward,” he said. “I thought I would feel a little bit better just because I spent so much time preparing. It really is a hard exam.”

Next time: The results of BEC

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