Tax season is over – now what?

Written on Apr 26, 2018

By Molly Ryan Kowaleski, OSCPA content & community manager

iStock-639202422CPAs in public accounting are (we hope) breathing a little easier now that April 17 – and then April 18 – have passed. This tax season was a doozy (see results from a recent poll, which anecdotally rated this tax season as “tougher than ever”) and some might have even worried they’d never get to this date.

But, they did. So, now what?

We asked a few OSCPA members how they relax and unwind once busy season ends each year and many informed us they take days off to spend time with family or go on a vacation. Some, we know, finally pick up that book they’ve been meaning to read or binge that Netflix series that’s been in their queue for months. Others treat themselves to a nice dinner, a massage or a second plate of dessert. No matter how you plan to spend the next few weeks “detoxing” from tax season, OSCPA member benefits have you covered.

Treat yourself to:

Celebrate with:

  • A nice, juicy steak (Omaha Steaks – 10% off site-wide and free shipping)
  • Chocolates (Simply Chocolate – 20% off deliveries)
  • Flowers ( – 20% off flowers and gift baskets)
  • Gourmet food delivery (Harry & David – 20% off gift baskets)
  • A bottle of wine … or two (Winc - $20 off your first month subscription)

Get back to:

Go somewhere:

  • Find hotels (Expedia – 10% off qualifying hotels)
  • Rent a car (Avis)
  • Feel secure leaving home (home8 – 30% off video-verified security systems)

Share how you relax and unwind after busy season in the comments below! And, if you want to learn more about membership benefits or becoming a member of the Ohio Society of CPAs, visit

Congratulations on completing another tax season!

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