Balancing fear and opportunity when it comes to AI

Written on May 03, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

The fear of artificial intelligence eliminating accounting jobs is very real for some professionals, as Chris Ortega, senior finance manager at Emarsys, learned while taking questions after a presentation he gave on the topic.

Chris_Ortega“This woman asked, ‘Is this going to take away some of my team’s jobs and what I’m doing?’ he said. “I said ‘Look, if you’ve got the fear of this taking away what you’re doing, then it probably will.’”

Ortega, a popular speaker in the accounting profession, joined us this week for our inaugural podcast “Advancing the State of Business with the Ohio Society of CPAs.” He said he sees the opportunity in artificial intelligence in processing information and driving decision-making.

“You don’t need your people summarizing general ledgers and cranking through data and updating Excel workbooks,” Ortega said. “You need your people inside the business driving knowledge that ultimately leads to data driven decision making, and that’s the opportunity we have in our profession. You have your resources, your people and your millennial talent. You have your organization focused on how to provide knowledge inside the business.”

Listen to the podcast now to hear Ortega’s thoughts on the speed of automation, what AI means for young professionals and how accountants can get started on the AI revolution.

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