Business and industry news from around the web: April 30 – May 4

Written on May 03, 2018

GDPR: A cost vs. benefit analysis
It's a mistake for companies to view compliance with GDPR as just a financial burden. There are real benefits to be had in understanding and protecting customer data.

PCAOB questions its own relevance
The PCAOB is conducting the survey as part of putting together a new, five-year strategic plan. The board is hoping to get the input of auditors, investors, financial statement preparers, audit committee members and academics.

Future of finance: Humans and machines unite
Today, it seems you can’t go even a few days without hearing about the exciting — and also disruptive — implications of emerging technologies and advanced use cases for data and analytics. For finance leaders in particular, the promises of new developments in machine learning, predictive analytics and automation seem endless.

IRS provides certain small employers with relief for the small business health care tax credit for 2017 and later years
The IRS has issued guidance that provides relief for certain small employers that wish to claim the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for 2017 and later years.

Tech Corner - The best ways to automatically back up the photos on your smartphone
The best camera is the one you have with you, and most of the time that’s going to be your smartphone. You probably capture lots of important moments with your phone, so you also need to make sure you’re keeping those moments backed up.

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