Prioritize technology in your small business

Written on May 03, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

You can have strategies and plans for how you’re going to succeed as a small business owner, but without the right technology, you’re already a step behind your competition.

“I think technology is the core to my small business,” said Jacob Schroeder, CPA, partner at Wilkins Schroeder Accounting Group, LLC. Schroeder runs his business in his hometown of Bellefontaine and cited the time savings of automation in his technology practices as a huge benefit to himself and clients.

He said in addition to assisting clients in Bellefontaine, he’s been able to work with clients around the country thanks to the efficiency of the technology.

“Without technology I wouldn’t be able to service that client because not everything is local,” Schroeder said. “That client needs that technology to be able to operate effectively.”

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