Study examines generational attitudes of accountants; you can participate!

Written on May 03, 2018

OSCPA staff report

vehicle-3250015Imagine the flux capacitor was real, and you could travel across time to compare notes with an accountant 30 years ago.

Well, it isn’t, and you can’t. But what you CAN do is participate in a University of Dayton study that is comparing attitudes of accountants today to those measured in a study from the early 1980s.

The study is being led by Lucian Zelazny, an assistant professor of accounting.

“Many accounting organizations are changing the way their employees are evaluated and how work is structured based on the belief that today’s accountants have different values and attitudes than those of prior generations,” Zelazny said. His study aims to measure those beliefs in a scientific way.

The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, is confidential and open to participants over the age of 18. When the study is complete we’ll discuss the results in this space with professor Zelazny.

Learn more and take the survey now!

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