ABO follow-up: Law requires SSN verification

Written on May 10, 2018

As a follow-up to the recent reminder from the Accountancy Board of Ohio about online license renewal and management, the ABO said it is retaining a paper-only option, though they discourage its use as any CPAs opting for the paper approach will not receive renewal reminders or other ABO notices. It will be up to each impacted licensee to remember when they need to renew going forward and remain aware of any licensing changes that might impact them. Further, the only option for payment with a paper-based renewal will be via a check.

The ABO said it is requiring licensees to enter Social Security numbers for verification purposes only. Social Security numbers on the online renewal and management system are required to verify identification per federal and state child support enforcement laws.

In other words, the State of Ohio has your SSN already. Once you verify your identity, it will not be required for future logins.

“Along with the newly-generated security code, the online system verifies your connection to your license information, said ABO Assistant Executive Director Tracey Fithen, who said the board has received numerous questions about the process. “The platform DAS is using is Salesforce, which many CPAs appear to be familiar with, which helps.”

Again, for those willing to go the electronic route, users will be required to register at elicense.ohio.gov using their email address and the password mailed to them in April. If license holders did not receive the message—or it is not in a spam or email folder—it means they either do not have an email address on file with the board or their email address does not match the board’s records. Anyone in that situation should contact the ABO directly.

Once registered, license holders can apply for or renew a license, pay fees, change contact information, request a license verification and request a replacement wallet card or wall certificate. For more information visit acc.ohio.gov, email the ABO or call them at 614-466-4135.

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  1. John | May 14, 2018
    It's refreshing to be reminded that our federal government once stated that a Social Security number would never be used as a form of national identification.  Ohio uses the SSN for the same purpose.  The Ohio Accountancy Board issued a CPA certificate # to me many years ago.  Why is that not a sufficient way to verify who I am for purposes of regulating the practice of public accounting in Ohio?

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