Tax news from around the web: May 14 – 18, 2018

Written on May 13, 2018

Tax rules on renting out a personal residence
“David” and “Ruth” both work and own a 3-bedroom home that costs them $1,000 monthly for real estate taxes and mortgage payments. As they plan to move into a new dwelling, they wonder if they should convert their present place into rental property.

IRS wants electronic filing but is harsher on penalties than with paper filers
Should electronic filers be held to a higher standard than paper filers? That is how attorney Douglas Greenberg might be framing the appeal of the recent District Court decision in the case of John Spottiswood.

Tech Corner - IBM bans removable memory devices from workplace
IBM has banned employees from using removable memory devices, such as USB flash drives, for security reasons. Staffers can move data around via an internal network.

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