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CPA Love Story: Building a life you love

Written on Feb 6, 2019


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting Ohio accounting couples the entire month of February. Find out how they met, their first impressions and how accounting factors into their love story. These CPA lovebirds range from newlyweds to those celebrating decades of marriage, so check back each week for a new story.

By Molly Ryan Kowaleski, OSCPA PR & Engagement Manager

When Matt and Amy Bratton met nearly 20 years ago, they were both fresh out of college, working at a Big Four firm and looking to connect with younger people in the profession.

LoveStory“The first time we met was at a firm-sponsored basketball open gym, and one of the staff members that I was working for right after I started invited me,” said Amy.

They both worked at KPMG for a couple of years – though they were rarely even in the same office – before Amy moved on to a position at AEP and then eventually started her own business – Amy Bratton, CPA. Matt, who wanted to travel less so he could spend more time with his family, is now Associate Vice President of Internal Audit at L Brands.

“I probably bounce more things off Matt that I come across in my line of work than the other way around,” said Amy. “It is nice to have him, he can certainly provide some insights and suggestions and is willing to listen when I have frustrations.”

The Brattons got married in 2003 and now have three girls who are 6, 10 and 13. When Amy went into accounting, she figured she would be able to integrate her work and family life relatively seamlessly. When she started her own business, she was doing bookkeeping and tax preparation, but she now focuses on accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses, all while being home with the kids.

Their next adventure? Building a house.

“We just sold our house, so that'll be a new challenge,” said Matt.

In addition to tackling work, family and a new house, Amy and Matt coach their kids' basketball teams together.

“I highly recommend married couples coach their kids together,” Matt said, laughing. “We would never have any disagreements if we didn’t coach together.”

Apart from this very real recommendation, the Brattons said communication and taking time for yourselves is the key to a happy marriage.

“Talking to your spouse is really important and getting away without being interrupted,” said Matt.

Amy agreed. “Taking time to go out to eat – or whatever you like – a date night, just taking time away from the kids and activities is always helpful. We have lots of common interests, so that's helpful, as well.”