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CPA Love Story: A college connection

Written on Feb 28, 2019

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting Ohio accounting couples the entire month of February. Find out how they met, their first impressions and how accounting factors into their love story. These CPA lovebirds range from newlyweds to those celebrating decades of marriage, so check back each week for a new story.

College is a formative experience, creating lasting bonds and fond memories for decades. For Sarah and Derek Diller, Bowling Green State University has an even more special significance, as it’s where they first met.

Dillers“He was one year ahead of me in the accounting program,” said Sarah. “When we met it was quickly a connection.”

Despite this, she said they didn’t start dating until after about a year of friendship. After graduating from BGSU they both went on to complete their masters in the accountancy program, and even had their wedding at Bowling Green in 2004.

Both CPAs, Sarah is controller at Shumaker Loop & Kendrick and Derek is CFO at Deep Spring Technology. In their free time the couple enjoys spending time with their daughters, age 9 and 12, who are active in swimming and softball. They also share a love for running and complete marathons together.

“I ran my first marathon in Columbus in 2008,” Sarah said. “He was not a runner and once he saw me do it, I think I gave him the motivation to try it. He’s run several marathons and caught the bug pretty quickly.”

Their commitment to the training schedule sometimes means setting the alarm clock early for runs to fit into their busy schedule, but Sarah said they want to demonstrate a healthy, active lifestyle for their daughters.

Though the couple tries to keep work and home life separate, she said it’s nice to have a partner that understands the profession and can offer advice after a trying day.

“I think it’s nice to have the ability to decompress and the other person understands what you’re talking about,” Sarah said. “When you’re stressed out and need to discuss what’s going on, you can empathize and say, ‘I’ve been in the same place and understand that same experience.’”Dillers0219