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Podcast: Develop your own leadership style

Written on Apr 11, 2019

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

BobPacanovskyThe idea of leadership can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you find an approach that feels true to who you are.

“It’s authentic influence that creates value,” said Bob Pacanovsky, owner of The Black Tie Experience. “If you break down that phrase with each of those words, to be a leader you really have to be authentic, because people can see through it if you’re not real.”

Pacanovsky joined OSCPA on the latest episode of The State of Business podcast where he discussed the importance of creating your own leadership style.

“You have to have your own personality,” he said. “But you can take pieces and parts of different leadership styles and incorporate those into your own to see if it’s a good fit.”

When developing your own style, Pacanovsky suggested seeking out the advice of trusted colleagues or mentors who can help guide you. Certain situations and environments can also have an impact on how you choose to lead, and you must be prepared to grow through those experiences.

Whether your position is one that’s associated with leadership or not, Pacanovsky said there are always opportunities to develop those skills. You can take initiative within your team or department to tackle new projects or help improve morale. Just because you’re not the CEO doesn’t mean you can’t have influence.

“The challenge becomes, if it’s not a great environment then how do you change the culture of your department?” he said. “I tell people all the time it’s really difficult to turn a big ship, but each of the smaller ships can be turned a lot easier. Even if the overall environment in the company isn’t right, your department can be.”

Leadership is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, Pacanovsky advised, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to seeking out those opportunities. There is no one right way to be a leader, and as you continue to develop your skills you can make it your own.

“People will run through brick walls for leaders they trust because they know that they’re being taken care of and you’re making a difference in their life,” he said. “It’s all about creating value.”

Listen to the entire episode here.