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Since we launched our CPA Exam Review over fifty years ago, Becker Professional Education has been committed to providing our students the tools they need to prepare, to pass, and to be empowered to excel—on exam day and at every level of their professional careers.

Why choose Becker for the CPA Exam? It works. No other CPA Exam review program comes close to matching Becker Professional Education.

  • Highest pass rates - Students who prepare with Becker pass at double the rate of non-Becker candidates.*
  • Top scorers - 51 out of the 55 2013 Elijah Watt Sells Award recipients prepared with Becker’s CPA Exam Review. Since 2005, 90% of all Watt Sells recipients have prepared with Becker.
  • More partners - 2,000+ accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, societies and universities choose Becker Professional Education.

Special Pricing for Ohio Society of CPAs Members

Becker is proud to offer members of The Ohio Society of CPAs $300 off Becker's CPA Exam Review course. This offer is valid only on the complete, four-part course tuition price and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Becker’s CPA Exam Review is available in Live, Online, and Self-study formats. Our comprehensive course includes:

You can study anywhere, anytime from any computer or from Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones using our mobile app. Your progress will automatically synchronize between your computer and mobile digital devices, so you can always pick up right where you left off.

Our comprehensive course includes:

  • 100 hours of expert instruction from engaging professionals, real-world leaders and subject matter specialists.
  • Over 6,500 multiple-choice questions with links to applicable pages in our ebooks and lectures.
  • Over 250 task-based simulations that help you build confidence about the content you’ve mastered.
  • Two full final practice exams per part so you can become familiar with the Computer-Based Test (CBT) environment.
  • Interactive Study Planner to help you develop an optimum study plan tailored to your study preferences.
  • Study Roadmap to help you navigate what to study and how much time to devote to each topic.
  • Comprehensive textbooks organized by topic with hundreds of past exam questions included.
  • Unlimited academic support: access to online academic and personalized support that provides highly targeted answers to your specific questions.
  • Unlimited Academic Support—Access our online database of frequently asked questions or log in and email your question to our team of subject matter experts.
  • The Becker Promise®: If you study with Becker but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our course at no additional tuition cost (certain requirements apply).

*Becker Professional Education students pass at twice the rate of all CPA Exam candidates who did not take a review course with Becker, based on averages of AIC PA-published pass rates. Data verified by an independent third-party research firm.

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Becker Professional Education

The Becker Promise®

We are so convinced that our CPA Exam Review will prepare you to succeed on the exam that we offer The Becker Promise. If you utilize Becker but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our course at no additional tuition cost if you satisfy our requirements.

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“I graduated with an accounting degree in 1987. About a year after graduating from college, I sat for the CPA exam but only passed two parts. After working as an accountant in the private sector for over 20 years, I decided to try again. Thanks to the Becker CPA Review CD's, I was able to study at home while working my full time job. Becker CPA Review prepared me for the exam, and I passed all four sections!  If you put the time in, Becker really works!
-Barbara L., Delaware, OH